supervisor_account jour·ney — Passage or progress from one stage to another. Catherine Egenes, LMFT

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Serving Atlanta and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area

I maintain a small private practice in the heart of Atlanta and provide a range of psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families who are looking to address concerns that include: anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, eating disorders, grief and loss, parent-child dynamics, personality issues, relationship struggles, and spiritual exploration. I am also a member of the group practice at Midtown Psychotherapy Associates. As part of this therapeutic community I am able to enhance my knowledge and expertise through professional collaboration and supervision, which I hold vital to my work in the field.

My office is located in the heart of Atlanta between Midtown and Buckhead. Ample Free Parking!  directions Directions
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The Space

It is my belief that humans are sensitive to the aesthetics of their visual surroundings and can be greatly impacted by the spaces they occupy. I have found that a tranquil atmosphere not only improves my work but also the therapeutic experience. My goal is to create a warm and inviting setting for clients — one that fosters comfort and safety.

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In the search for a therapist, it’s common for confusion to set in as you run across the various credentials that exist in the field of psychotherapy. A lot of people ask, “what’s the difference between you and a counselor or a psychologist?” or “Do you work with individuals in addition to couples and families?” (Yes I do!)
On the Master’s level, educational requirements between disciplines are very comparable. In my opinion, the real differentiating factor for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) is the theoretical approach. LMFTs expand on the traditional emphasis of the individual to consider the greater context of one’s life including: self, life-stage, family, romantic relationships, career, community, society, and culture. LMFTs tend to take a relational, collaborative and holistic perspective to health care and are concerned with the overall well-being of their clients along with the people in their lives.

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